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Spay and Neuter Campaign Sponsors 

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Defensa y Rescate Animal

Defensa y Rescate Animal (Animal Defense and Rescue) is a non-profit group in Ixtapa, Mexico.  Like Surfers for Strays, they seek to develop a culture of responsibility and respect for animals. Together we work to create awareness for responsible ownership. This includes sterilization campaigns for pets and education for care and compassion. We strive to put an end to overpopulation, neglect and abuse of domestic animals and teach respect for the life of wild animals. We value and are committed to our partnership with Defensa y Rescate Animal. 

The impact of our partnership goes beyond helping stray animals. We participate in joint programs involving the local branches of government to bring education and improved health, safety and sanitation to the communities most in need. Education programs targeting students will bring change to society by affecting families and future generations. Health, safety and sanitation are improved as the numbers of stray animals are decreased. 

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Local Vets

We partner with local vets; Dr. Jorge, Dr. Salvador, Dr. Carla V., Dr. Karla E., Dr. Jose C., and Dr. Iris D. who provide medical care and have been involved with Surfers for Strays' Spay and Neuter Campaigns. 

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Sociedad Protectora de Animales Zihuatanejo (SPAZ)

SPAZ is the local humane society. They are our mentors and they spay and neuter the dogs at the Rescue Center between campaigns. Surfers for Strays provides sterilization surgeries free of cost for the locals in Troncones who take their dogs and cats to SPAZ.

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Dr. Sheddy -  Vet Tails

Vet Tails was established aboard the sail boat SV Chuffed, with a mission to improve animal welfare and health. Dr. Sheddy needed a break from boat work and found Surfers for Strays,  a dream volunteer position located near her dream wave! Since then Dr. Sheddy, along with sailing veterinary technician Michelle, have helped Surfers for Strays improve their medical programs, host spay and neuter campaigns, and treat animals in the Troncones Region. Check out the blog Dr. Sheddy wrote about her work at the Rescue Center. Dr. Sheddy also produced three videos about her time in Troncones at the Rescue Center and her work helping during a local spay and neuter campaign. Check them out below!

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Café Pacífico Troncones

Café Pacífico supports Surfers for Strays' volunteers working at the Troncones Rescue Center by donating $150 USD in free meals monthly.  Additionally, they give a 15% discount beyond this monthly allowance. 

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Dog Tag Art

Our foster dogs wear custom Surfers for Strays tags made by Dog Tag Art.  Visit Dog Tag Art to create and buy your own custom Surfers for Strays dog tag for your Surfers for Strays Alum

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Live Real Estate

Live Real Estate has made very meaningful donations to support the work Surfers for Strays does.
We are proud to have them as a sponsor.

This passion-driven luxury real estate firm specializes in captivating the essence of extraordinary properties located within exclusive communities in Zihuatanejo. Committed to exceptional service, Live stands out with a meticulously curated portfolio that reflects discerning taste. Live redefines real estate, offering a lifestyle where every space becomes an enchanting masterpiece, intertwining dreams and reality. We invite you to explore a world of refined living where each property is a testament to art, character, and undeniable mystique with Live Real Estate.

A.D. Magellan

AD Magellan's (ADM) generous donations helped Surfers for Strays complete 1,216 sterilizations during our 2023 Spay & Neuter Campaigns. Additionally, ADM's support allowed us to help critical individual cases within our Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption program. The entire Surfer for Strays Team thanks ADM from nose-to-wagging tail, and from the bottom of our hearts!

Headquartered in Vista, California, ADM is an architectural design and project management firm specializing in assisting multi-family communities, conducting inspections, and developing scopes of repair, particularly related to roofs, decking, waterproofing, and more. Founded with a mission to advocate for our clients, manage costs, and safeguard their assets, ADM is committed to serving as a reliable partner for its clients. Visit the ADM website for further details!

Become a Sponsor or Partner

Sponsor a Spay and Neuter Campaign

Individuals, schools, congregations, and companies can sponsor a Spay and Neuter campaign that will improve the lives of stray animals in Mexico for $1,500 USD or more. Don't have $1,500 dollars on hand? Don't worry! Sponsors in the past have found many creative ways to fundraise including Facebook Fundraisers, a dog treat fundraiser, and donating vacation rental stays. Reach out to for more information.

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