Adoption Process

Adoption Process

After you submit your completed application, you will receive a confirmation email from (Petstablished is the rescue management program we use).

Adoption Donation

Our Standard Adoption Donation: $450 USD

Refundable Training Deposit: $50 USD

Additional Donations may be requested to help cover transportation costs if additional transfers are required.

Adoption FAQ

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

Generally you will hear from a Surfers for Strays Volunteer about your application status within 10  business days. However, we triage applications based on where dogs (and cats) are located and which are most in need of a home or foster.

What does it mean to apply to adopt/foster an "Unlisted or Unknown Cat/Dog" ?

If you have submitted an application for an Unlisted or Unknown Cat/Dog you could be pre-approved to adopt or foster the dog (or cat) of your choice when they become available.

Can I apply for multiple pets?

Unless they are a bonded pair the application is for one dog. If you are interested in multiple dogs (or cats) please fill out one application and at the end you can write a note for our Adoption Team with the names of other dogs (or cats) you might be interested in.

Do I have to fly down to Mexico to adopt from Surfers for Strays?

You don't have to fly down to Mexico to adopt from us. We arrange transportation for our adopted dogs. We are fortunate enough to have volunteers that escort our dogs to the United States and Canada. But if you are interested in visiting us in Zihuatanejo, you are more than welcome to come check us out!

Does Surfers for Strays have cats for adoption?

We do rescue cats and kittens but most of our cats and/or kittens are with our sister organizations.

What breed is the dog?

Mexi-Mix or Meximutt is the best description for almost all of the dogs we help. We cannot guarantee a breed or mix. Often we don't know who the parents are when puppies are abandoned or relinquished anonymously. Sometimes we know who the mother is, but not the father. Even when we know the parents, it is likely that they are a mix of many breeds. Our vets and Rescue Center volunteers can make an educated guess based on appearance, but that is all.