Pet Flight Escort

Flying out of the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Airport?

Please consider bringing a dog or cat with you on your flight as part of our Pet Flight Escort program.  Most Surfers for Strays pets get adopted in the USA or Canada and depend on Pet Flight Escorts to take them to their fur-ever home or foster family.  Vacationing in Mexico? Make your trip home a meaningful, life-changing experience!

How Does it Work?

On the day of the flight, depending on where the dog is located and where you are staying, we may meet you at the airport or we may request that you take the pet to the airport if you can.

Pets may travel as carry-on or in cargo hold. This is determined by the airline and the size of the dog. It is generally not possible to carry an animal if you are in first class, seated in an exit row, or have two carry-ons in addition to the pet (however there are exceptions).

Surfers for Strays takes care of all the pet's paperwork and flight reservations required to fly a dog prior to the flight. We also cover the pet's airline fee, although most Pet Flight Escorts donate the additional cost. We will be in close touch with you as the date approaches to confirm that everything is ready.  

On the day of the flight, we send the pet with everything needed for a successful trip. This includes a carrier, pee pads, poo bags, a collar with the sfs tag, a harness, a leash, treats, the documents and a bag to hand over to the airport pick-up at your final destination. Once you check in, it is advised to take the dog for one last potty break before going through security. That is why it is recommended that you arrive 2 hours before your flight departure time.

During the flight, the pet must remain in the soft-carrier below the seat in front of you if they are a carry-on. If the pet is in cargo, once you arrive at your final destination you will get the dog and crate from the over-size luggage area.  At customs, you do not need to declare the dog because it is traveling in your name. Clearance should not be delayed by traveling with the pet. 

A Surfers for Strays representative will meet you at the airport to pick up the pet unless you are going to drop off the pet at a designated location or be a short-term foster for 1-2 nights. This will be coordinated prior to your departure.

How do I Become a Pet Flight Escort?

If you are interested in flying a pet please fill out the survey below. This helps us determine if your flight date, airline, and destination are a good match for an eligible pet.