Employer Donation Matching

Does Your Employer Match Donations?

Double your donation with employer matched funds! If your place of work doesn't have donation matching consider sharing Benevity as a platform for Corporate Giving. Reach out to donate@surfersforstrays.org if you have any questions about Employer Matched Donations.


If your employer matches donations using Benevity there are two ways you can donate to Surfers for Strays and have your donation doubled!

  1. Donate to Surfers for Strays and send your donation receipt to your employer so they can match your donation through Benevity.

  2. Donate to Surfers for Strays though the Benevity Causes Portal and your donation will be matched by your employer.

To find out if your employer uses Benevity contact your employer's internal giving program. These are examples of companies that use Benevity to manage their workplace giving programs. Giving in this way doubles your gift and helps twice as much!