Surfers for Strays Alumni Stories

Coco Luna - Toronto (Canada) - adopted March 2019

Coco Luna lives in Toronto Canada with 8-year-old Sloane, who says "I named her Coco Luna because she has one spot on her back that reminds me of a coconut and a full moon. She likes to run very fast and lick my face. She's the best-est friend I could ever have."

Thomas - Stanton, CA (USA) - adopted August 2020

"Loving his big brother and sister Violette and Axel! He is getting super big and loves to go to the beach!"

- Chavez Family

Luna Azul - Troncones (Mexico) - adopted October 2018

Luna Azul was born 8/10/2018 in Troncones, Mexico. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @lunathemexipup! "SFS rescued her at two weeks old. She was very, very sick with pneumonia and parasites and Dr. Jorge didn't think she would live. At eight weeks old Samantha and Mike became terrific foster failures and the rest is history. What a survivor Luna is. When Dr. Jorge sees her now he still can't believe it! Luna currently lives in Troncones and sometimes spends time in Redondo Beach, California. Luna loves swimming and long beach walks and all her aunties and uncles that love her. We are forever grateful to Natalie and Isabel and everyone at SFS."

- Samantha Rohrbough

Tigresa (Tiggy) - Toronto (Canada) - adopted April 2020

Tiggy was adopted in 2020 by Sharon and her daughters Lucy and Sophie. Tiggy was found in Zihuatanejo with her siblings in a garbage bin (shown below).

Playa - Monte Rio, CA (USA) - adopted March 2020

"Playa came to us in March 2020. We met her for the first time in the Airport in Zihuatanejo MX, we fell in love and filled out her application right in the airport. She flew to LAX, and then a couple weeks later another amazing volunteer flew her up to San Jose, where my 13 year old daughter and I picked her up. She currently resides in Monte Rio, California. She spends ample time hiking and at the beach."

-Sarah Villarreal

Piña and Chile - Kingsland, GA (USA) - adopted June 2020

"My husband and I met Piña and Chile while volunteering at the center in Troncones. We knew we wanted to adopt but didn't know we would fall in love and bring home two sisters. They are inseparable and loving their new life in Georgia."

-Alanna Soldinie

Xolo - West Virginia (USA) - adopted November 2019

"Xolo is now living far from Juluchuca (where he was born), in the mountains of West Virginia. He lives on 300 acres of forest and mountains with his favorite person in the world, Greg. He met Greg back in Mexico when he was a different dog, and after coming back to health they were reunited across the continent. He goes every day to work with his dad planting wildflowers, and curls up next to the fire every night."

Rosie - Victoria, BC (Canada) - adopted September 2020

Surfers for Strays' most special Neurology Pup is living her best life in Victoria BC with her forever family. Rosie loves going on hikes, playing with her dog friends, and snuggling with her family.

Ziva now Mia - North Vancouver, BC (Canada) - adopted April 2020

"Mia is doing awesome. She just had her first birthday and has really grown into herself. She had a really tough first year with an unknown health problem which seemed to really affect her immune system. She got sick a few more times and after that had some more trips to the hospital. Since then, we started her on some herbal medicine and she has been better than ever! She has so much personality. She is also extremely clever and smart - sometimes to our own demise as she is always searching for some puzzle or mental stimulation. We feel so lucky to have her in our life! She is a really special girl. Thank you again for all you do. Wishing you a happy 2021!"

-Timmy Woo

Angelica now Cora - Aliso Viejo, CA (USA) - adopted August 2020

"This is "Angie/Angelica" from the Hamilton litter. We named her Cora, short for Corazon! Not only for the heart shape on her face, but because she has stolen all our hearts. She was adopted by our family August 2020. She lives in Aliso Viejo. She loves to hike, dig holes, and hang out with her favorite boy!"

-Christine Benedict

Tilla - Toronto, Ontario (Canada) - adopted March 2020

"Tilla (15 months old here) has been a wonderful addition to our lives!" She loves sitting on the couch staring out the window and playing biteface at the dog park."


Mila - Toronto, Ontario (Canada) - adopted March 2020

"So grateful for Mila. She is an avid hiker and loves fetch, chasing squirrels and swimming. She also loves children. Thank you for bringing her into our lives!"


Aaron now Hansomn - Venice, CA (USA)- adopted December 2020

"Two pups living it up from Surfers for Strays! His (new) name is Hansomn, he's a distinguished gentle boy. He's doing well. He walks well on a leash and sits like a champ, a cuddle bug, and lap dog. We love our adventures together."


Charlie - Vancouver, BC (Canada) - adopted March 2021

Charlie was rescued by SFS when she was 2 weeks old after her mom was hit by a car. When we caught a glimpse of her in a short video, we instantly fell in love.

We were determined to adopt her despite the pandemic and obstacles in travel to Canada. The SFS volunteers were amazing and went above and beyond to help get Charlie to us. She was worth the wait! She has brought so much joy into our lives and we are so grateful. She loves adventures and comes everywhere with us! She has already been camping, paddle boarding, canoeing, hiking and trail running throughout the province! After a big day of activities, Charlie loves to come home and cuddle, and falls asleep with her head on my lap. Thank you, Surfers for Strays!

If you adopted from Surfers for Strays and have a story you would like to share, we would love to add your experience to our website! Please email and make sure to include your dog's name, month of adoption, the city and state you live in, a few high quality photos, and a short quote. We look forward to hearing from you!